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Private Seminar

Those of You interested are welcome to participate in the program:

“Private Seminar with Piotr Grela”
(Authorized DiNapoli Trainer)

Private Seminar is a two-day training session for up to 6 traders during one meeting

The tackled topics include those discussed in my book “Futures Markets – Concept and Trading Systems ” and the book of Joe DiNapoli “DiNapoli Levels: The Practical Application of Fibonacci Analysis to Investment Markets“.

What’s more, the material goes far beyond the subjects pursued in those publications!

During the training the implications of the actions taken by major players on the markets are discussed (most of all Commercials as well as Large Speculators and Public).  Training includes:

  • trend analysis using a combination of MACD/Stochastic Oscillator indicators (the market entry levels and how to determine Logical Profit Objectives)
  • MACD Predictor (and the terms “Dynamic Pressure” and “Stop Grabber”)
  • Joe DiNapoli’s directional indicators and common mistakes in their recognition
  • how to develop a good Trading Plan (includes Scalp o’ Rama)
  • how to avoid market manipulation

These are only some of the topics covered during our training program. And all supported by market examples ( stocks, futures, Forex ) Those of You interested are welcome!

Piotr Grela

DiNapoli Expert
DiNapoli Authorized Trainer

Applications, questions, all information

Please contact me at with the ” Private Seminar” note.



Here are some comments from past seminar participants (only few are given here)!

The seminar allowed me to systematize the basic knowledge and broaden it significantly by new aspects of the DiNapoli technique. The complexities were explained patiently and comprehensibly in a graphic way and they were supported by examples of real charts. The opportunity to freely discuss the issues and obtain comprehensive answers to the questions was very valuable indeed. It was definitely a powerful injection of new knowledge

Ewa W. (Konin)

Thank you very much for the course . I appreciate you going out of way to accommodate and teach me one on one when you normally have group classes. You simplified many topics in the book making them clear and more understandable and stopped to revise and make sure I understood before we continued. I learned what to expect from the markets and where I went wrong in the past. You showed me how to better put together a trading plan step by step and analyze the charts better. Trading as well as teaching is obviously two talents you have and this was a very valuable experience for me and worth every minute. Regards.

Gustaf L. ( San Francisco , USA )

The way of presentation – OK. Form – OK. Thematic scope – very wide. Most importantly, it was pure practice and there were many things I didn’t have any idea about before. Now, I know where to look for ‘R’ on the railway track, how to properly mark 61.8 on a double return, how to read MACDp and what the concepts of Dynamic Pressure and Stop Grabber mean. In conclusion, it was worth it!

Wojtek B. (Szczecin)

The Seminar gave me another, new outlook of the market. Some fragments of Piotr’s and DiNapoli’s books about futures markets were clarified. Obviously you had to come to the seminar prepared, you had to read and know the material from those two books to acquire additional invaluable knowledge from the seminar. Piotr is a very sensitive lecturer, he is open to the listeners’ needs. He would react very quickly, he would explain and answer questions and clear up doubts. The time I spent on Piotr’s seminar was very valuable for me. I am glad I could participate in that meeting.


A well organized seminar. Very practical knowledge supported by examples from many markets and conducted transactions. I would encourage particularly those involved in stock market operations to take part in subsequent sessions. It turns out markets are predictable and you don’t have to travel abroad to learn it. 16 years of Piotr’s experience in international markets in one day. It’s worth it.

Michał K. (Gdynia)

I’d like to thank for Saturday’s meeting. It was very interesting and different from those I have attended before. The reason for that may have been it was a seminar for the advanced. Therefore, it contained the pure essence of knowledge about the presented technique, knowledge that is unavailable in the literature. No “beating around the bush”, no artificial expansion of the subject. However, to get the full benefit, you really need to have the basics in one little finger, and you have to have had some practical experience with the use of DiNapoli’s technique on the market. It was really worthwhile to participate in it.

Andrzej M (Ryki)

I wanted to thank you for a meeting which was very fruitful for me, first of all, I was able to “get a handle on” what it was all about 😉

Jerzy L. (Warsaw)

The seminar was really interesting for me and it structured my knowledge of DiNapoli’s techniques. Everything was shown on examples from recent sessions, and not on those found to perfectly match the situation. I liked it very much, the levels of opening and closing a trade and the stop loss level were discussed in detail for each formation. The seminar leader focused on the quality of knowledge and that everything should be best explained and understood. There were also exercises during the seminar which made me understand where my knowledge was insufficient and where I would make a mistake before. You have to have at least theoretical knowledge on investing with DiNapoli techniques. The seminar is aimed at developing the knowledge and not at learning the basics which can be found in the books. I would love to go the next training organized by Piotr.

Mirosław S. (Brząszewice)

I would like to express my immense satisfaction and pride because of the opportunity to participate in a private seminar organized by Piotr Grela. The training was organized in a professional manner, the knowledge was communicated in a logical and structured way, one issue overlapped another, owing to that the knowledge was passed in a clear and properly structured way. I can only regret I came to Piotr as late as after 3 years of active investing.

Sebastian – Student

Advice for future training participants: You have to prepare yourself for this training, the training is not about a summary of DiNapoli’s book, it goes beyond it, different formations and ways are shown, you have to do your homework before and read Piotr’s book Futures Markets and Joe DiNapoli’s book DiNapoli Levels.”

Sebastian Sz. (Napachanie)

I my opinion the training allows you to learn a very interesting method of analysis of investment markets. It is conducted in a very professional way and gives an opportunity for a wide group of people interested in investing to get the benefit – regardless of their level of advancement. Novice investors are made aware of the existing possibility to make their own decisions without resorting to the (often deceptive) opinions and comments of stock exchange analysts and commentators. A way to further enrich the investment instruments with a new market analysis tool is shown to those who have had some investing experience, naturally when they have learnt all the elements of the discussed method. People who are familiar with DiNapoli’s method and use it have an opportunity to clear up the doubts and polish their skills. That’s why, a daylong training session is useful for anyone willing to participate, it offers a large dose of knowledge, which is unavailable elsewhere and which is provided in an understandable and accessible way. Thank you.

Bogusław K. (Katowice)


To begin with I would like to thank for the opportunity to participate in the Private Seminar, I’m very much satisfied with it. It was certainly a priceless experience. If I were to share my feelings with others I would say:

Definitely it is worth preparing for the PS as good as you can, the better you master the basics, the more you will ‘get out of’ the training. The PS confirmed a few things I knew, shed a new light and corrected a few other issues that I thought I knew.

If anyone has any doubts if it is worthwhile and if he or she learns anything that goes beyond the book / DVD / Trading Course – it is definitely worthwhile. Several of new indicators are discussed, everything is supported by practical examples, analyses of the current situation in different markets. Everything is communicated in a plain and clear manner.

The only thing I regret is I have started to be seriously interested in DiNapoli’s technique so late.

Thank you once again. Regards

Piotr P. (Gdańsk)

At Piotr’s Seminar I realized how little I knew about DiNapoli’s techniques (and about the market in general). After the seminar I have a completely different idea of the stock exchange. Piotr explained in detail where I made my mistakes. The knowledge presented at the seminar goes beyond DiNapoli’s book and is not available elsewhere. It is good to read Piotr’s book before the training, it makes it much easier to understand the presented material.

Robert K. (Łódź)

Coming back to the point, going to your seminar I expected I would receive a portion of knowledge that would crown the first stage of my two-year studies. I hoped I would receive information that would help me still better understand how the FOREX market worked. What I learnt surpassed my wildest expectations, I received a simple explanation who was shaking the markets, how to read it, how to find the relevant market points and how to take a position on the market basing on these indications. For me it was a significant item I can add to my trader’s CV. Let me add that when testing the new method of analysis and operating in the market my account got richer by nearly 300 pips in two days ))) (to say nothing about financial gains ROFL).

And what is equally important, I met a man with a remarkable personality in whom the modesty and normality go along with the vast knowledge and professionalism, and you couldn’t see the great gap between Piotr and us – his audience – for even a moment.

For me the whole training and the time spent with Piotr is professionalism of the highest level. Thanks for everything.

Krzysztof W. (Luboń)

Dear Piotr,

To begin with I would like to thank you for the professional training.

The knowledge I had had before was verified and enriched with information unavailable in any publication. Getting to know what happens to the price, why it behaves in a particular way (stop grabber) on the set levels will allow me to open positions with even greater precision. The determination of the so-called hidden reaction points has been very helpful for me. Now, it won’t surprise me any longer that the price did a turn in a place where I wouldn’t have expected it before.

Sebastian K. (Swarzędz)

The training with you has convinced me that the system you have shown us is simple. I have had three years’ experience on the FOREX market and I am looking for simple techniques. This technique meets my expectations. I want to become a specialist in the DiNapoli technique. At the beginning I invested in shares and raw materials, I have been active on the foreign exchange market for two years now, and perhaps I will include raw materials in my strategy again. I can see that the indicators we have learned about during the training are great, and therefore I will test the platform and I am determined to use them. I hope one month will be enough for me to master it. Thank you once again for the wonderful training sessions and the great atmosphere. If someone hasn’t found you yet, I do recommend you, and I will be personally recommending this system. We will be in touch I will let you know of my progress and my results.


Krystyna J. (Bydgoszcz)

The ‘Private Seminar’ training with Piotr Grela has contributed a lot to my knowledge and opened wide horizons for investing, showing that it was not only difficult but possible as well, and that it gave great satisfaction.

Joe DiNapoli’s methods are unique and their application in practice dramatically increases the chances in trading, and therefore I recommend the training with Piotr to all those wishing to broaden their knowledge in trading using DiNapoli methods. Regards

Tomasz B. (Warsaw)